Bali is a tiny little island in this big world for those people who dreaming to live their tropical life.

Balinese Hindu-Buddhist is the main part of Balinese culture which inspires people in Bali to be so friendly, kind, and loving. Both the local and foreigners live together respect the diversity.

  The most happening area in Bali right now is located in north part of the island, known as Canggu . A while ago Canggu just a small village surrounded by ricefields, coconut trees and beautiful beaches with sparkling black sands. Such a magical area to live a simple life. As the time goes by, some people been discovering and exploring this area and see its potential. So now, Canggu is becoming one of the most hype area in Bali and home for the nomads from all around the globe who is seeking for having balance of traveling, working, and living!

  Talking about Canggu cant be separated from talking about the famous canggu shortcut. Connecting  two strategic roads : berawa and batu bolong  , this shortcut is the fastest way to explore the area, this small paved road surrounded by paddy fields on the right and left side easily becoming the icon of canggu.

  Tropical Nomad is a Coworking Space that perfectly located in the heart of Canggu shortcut which is just 15 minutes away from the beach, a big white building with tropical ambience that will catch your eyes when you are riding your scooter through the shortcut.

  This place is the perfect place for you to do your networking, to get inspiration, or be the inspiration. Work here in Tropical Nomad Coworking Space and get to know other interesting people like you, socialize or simply hanging –out in the newest and desirable place in Canggu to let you live your tropical life to the fullest.